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About Us

Incorporated in 1986, our Guild has grown to be one of the largest Guilds in the nation.  Although it offers its membership entertainment programs, it is primarily a philanthropic organization - providing support for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and promoting music education in schools located in Garland County and helping students master their craft.  The Guild is undeniably the largest philanthropic organization focused specifically on promoting music education in our local schools.

The Guild's three-pronged Mission is a critical factor in retaining and attracting members and garnering financial support.  Our members are not only interested in good programming, but are keenly interested in advancing music education, a critical component of the academic curriculum.  As a member, you have advance purchase opportunities for our events and a variety of volunteer opportunities furthering music education.

Officers and Committees 

* denotes Executive Committee members

 President* Donna Toney 225-247-8340
 Past President* Jim Gifford 501-922-1680 
 Secretary* Maureen Morgan 501-922-3881
 Treasurer* Suzanne Kuch 501-915-8016
 Administrative V. P. * Carolyn Bowers 501-915-8022
 Development V. P. Elaine Weeter 501-915-0549
 Education V.P. Jim Kelly 501-209-0569 
     College Scholarship Terry Lee 
     Music Camps and ASO Youth Orchestra Hal Thompson 
     Music Equipment Grants Jim Piersol 

     Arts Partners String Quartets

 Donna Toney 
     Orchestra and You Jim Kelly 
     Children's Concert Martha Smither 
     School Liaison Melanie Pederson 
 Membership Recruitment V. P. Jim Dixon 214-632-2351
 Membership Liaison V.P. Hot Springs Howard Lee Kilby501-767-6096
 Membership Services V. P. Molly Crawshaw & Priscilla O'Malley

 501-922-0622 (Molly)

 501-915-0051 (Priscilla)

 Public Relations V. P. Patricia Shaha 501-922-6270
 Program V.P. Jim McKeand501-922-7648
     Program Committee Carolyn Bowers 
     Program Committee Lynn Petti 
     Program Committee Marie Hylden 
Special Projects V. P.  Bert Gianulis 501-922-1886
 Member at Large Chris Cash 501-922-1933
 Member at Large Christy Etheridge 501-209-5624
 Member at Large Marie Hylden972-814-3814
 Member at Large Brenda Langley501-226-5781 
 Member at Large Martha Smither 501-922-2743 
 Member at Large  
 Data Manager Suzanne Kuch 501-915-8016
 Webmaster Suzanne Kuch 501-915-8016

The Hot Springs/ Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild is a  501c(3) non-profit charitable, education, and cultural organization.

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Postal address:  P.O. Box 8354, Hot Springs Village, AR 71910

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