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Annual Children's Concert 

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra presents a Children’s Concert in the fall each year for elementary students. In addition to the concert, written educational materials are available to enable the curriculum teachers to integrate the experience into their lesson plans. This site makes these materials available in advance so that teachers have adequate time to review the materials, determine the appropriate curriculum areas and work with other teachers to determine the appropriate timing for the different sections. In-service training is provided for Hot Springs area teachers early in the school year. Since the programs are largely programmatic (telling a story), there is always a strong literacy component in addition to the links to music and art. Depending on the program, there are usually strong links to science and social studies with some math exercises.

This approach to an arts experience has the potential to give the student a fuller understanding of what the music is about, why it was written and how it is an outgrowth of our culture. The arts have an appeal to students that can ignite their interest in learning that can be carefully transferred to other kinds of learning. Studies have shown that when the arts are used as a tool of learning, there is a high probability for greater student achievement across the curricula. This achievement may stem from the student’s ability to relate information that is seemingly unrelatable.

Enjoy the concert. We hope that the materials are useful to you.

The 2017 concert will be October 26, 2017 and is titled Super Heroes of the Orchestra.  When the instructional support materials are available they will be posted below.  For more information, please contact Martha Smither, Children's Concert Committee Chair, 922-2743.

American Odessy (presented in 2016)

Instructional Support Materials

Teachers Guild

Student Journal

Additional Materials for Teachers

Symphony Safari (presented in 2015)

Instructional Support Materials

Teachers Guide

Student Journal

Student Handouts


Story Time (presented in 2014)

Instructional Support Materials

Teachers Guide

Student Journal

Summary of Lesson Planning Guides

Student Worksheet Booklet 

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