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The Guild recognizes the importance of respecting user privacy. This privacy statement is designed to provide information about the privacy and data collection practices for the site:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact our site coordinator at or by postal mail to:

·        Hot Springs/ Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild

·        Attn: Webmaster

·        P. O. Box 8354

·        Hot Springs Village, AR  71910

Our website is hosted by Wild Apricot and built using their tools. As the software provider powering our website, Wild Apricot implements security measures to safeguard our database information and protect the privacy of our members and site visitors.

Cookies. When you visit our site, cookies may be placed on your computer by our site or third parties. A cookie is a chunk of data – typically stored as a text file – that is placed on your computer or other devices when you visit a particular website. The cookie is used to identify your device to the website when you visit again so the site can load your preferences, automatically accept your credentials, or otherwise personalize the experience.

Our website uses two essential website cookies. Essential website cookies are technically required to make our website run and cannot be rejected. The primary cookie we use is associated with the reCAPTCHA Service with distinguishes between humans logging into our site and bots or automated software. This service is provided by To view their privacy policy, go to

The other cookie that may be used is provided by Wild Apricot and is used to display information about incomplete membership applications and event registrations. This cookie expires in 1 hour.

Identifying Information. In general, you can visit the Site without telling us who you are or providing any information about yourself. If you do any of the following activities:

  • ·        join the Guild
  • ·        donate to the Guild through our website,
  • ·        register for one of our events through our website, or
  • ·        subscribe to our newsletter (non-members),

we will collect contact information for you in our database. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and the name of another member of your household included in a couples membership. Our database also includes dates, payment amounts, and method of payment (online or check) for your event registrations, membership renewals, and donations. We do not have access to your credit card information.

How We Use Your Information. The Guild uses your name and email address to send emails related to your membership, emails announcing our events, and our to send our periodic newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, you may click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email to be removed from the list or you may contact our site coordinator using the contact information listed above.

If you register for an event on our website, we use lists containing your name and payment status to grant admission to our events.

Sharing Your Information. One of our missions is to support the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. As part of this support, we may share our membership list to assist in their marketing efforts. If you do not want us to share your information with the ASO, please contact our site coordinator using the contact information shown above.

Other than sharing our membership list with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, we do not share or sell our contact database.

Members may login to the website and access the membership directory. If you are a member, you are permitted to download information from the directory on the website for your own personal use only. 

Membership Privacy Information

Online Membership Directory

If you are a member of the Guild, your contact information may be in our online and printed directories. These directories are available to Members only and require a member to login to our site to access them.  You may adjust what information other members can see about you or you may request the site coordinator to adjust your profile for you.

We are using global privacy settings to create your profile when you join the Guild. These default settings allow other members to see your full contact information.  If you were renewing member prior to our adoption of the Wild Apricot software (2014-2015) and you had previously requested that your information not be displayed in the printed directory, we set your profile to not display contact information to other members.  You can change the information that others can see or remove yourself from the directory all together.  To change your settings, log in to the website and click on your name in the upper right section of the header on any page of the website.  This will bring up your profile page.  Click the Edit profile button and then click the Privacy link.  If you uncheck the Show profile to others box, this will remove you from the online directory all together.  Clicking the radio buttons in the No access column for each item of your contact information, will remove that bit of information from the directory.  If you remove your email address, members can still send you a message by finding you in the online directory, clicking your profile link, and then clicking the "Send Message" button, but they will not see your email addressn the printable directory, but will not include your contact information.

The Hot Springs/ Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild is a  501c(3) non-profit charitable, education, and cultural organization.

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