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In-school Music Workshops

The Guild underwrites the in-school programs for schools in Garland County so the programs are FREE to the schools. 

Orchestra and You is a free program for students in Grades 2 and 3. This program introduces students to all the instruments of the orchestra through a “hands on” approach using colorful, acrylic, one dimensional, models while recorded, as well artist musicians demonstrate instruments sounds. Some of the students will act as performers, while others learn skills of being attentive audience members. Each student receives a workbook that features the instruments and includes puzzles and drawing.

To schedule a program, contact Donna Toney (225-247-8340) or

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra ArtPartners String Quartets  (3rd - 5th Grades)

The Hot Springs/Hot Springs Village Symphony Guild works with the Arkansas Symphony to bring artist musicians from the symphony into the elementary schools of Hot Springs and the surrounding areas. The Rockefeller and Quapaw String Quartets provide a variety of programs or ‘demos’ for students enabling them to experience the joy and excitement of ‘live’ performance.

Musical presentations change each year and are structured to work across the curriculum in relating musical experience to other educations goals. There are specific links to Common Core Anchor Standards. These programs are directed to 3rd through 5th grade students.  Available curriculum materials for the music literacy will be sent to the school in advance to facilitate the preparation for the workshop. Both classroom and music teachers will find these useful. You may view and download these also for classroom use only.  

The programs currently available are listed below.  For scheduling, contact Nancy Jorgensen at 501-984-2266 or

Meet the String Family.  All the stringed instruments of the orchestra are introduced by each player (with the exception of the double bass and harp) using music of Beethoven, Schubert and Smetana. Students learn to hear recognize the instrument by the pitch of the instrument being played. The Student Journal has further information about the parts of the string instruments, about the composers and the Classical and Romantic musical periods in which they wrote. The media presentation (for use after the program) also contains information about the bow and its parts, the timeline of the composers’ lives juxtaposed to the musical periods and other events in Europe. Photos of the periods’ architecture are also presented. Students are asked to use adjectives to describe the periods of music.

Student Journal             Lesson Planning Guide     PowerPoint Presentation for the Classroom

American Road Trip.  This program features music of America written by composers from New York to Los Angeles, such as George Gershwin, John Philip Sousa and Scott Joplin. ASO musicians introduce different styles of music, including jazz, ragtime, folk music and film music. The Student Journal contains information about the composers and connections are made to African American and Appalachian culture. This session is particularly useful in social studies and geography curriculum. Follow-up media presentation includes evolution of American dance as a reflection of the music.

Student Journal             PowerPoint Presentation for the Classroom

Music of the People.  Music of the American people is introduced primarily through the folk cultures and traditions that came to and developed in America from Appalachia to Native American. The Student Journal contains words that students can learn to sing, including Amazing Grace, Oh Susannah! and the Arkansas Traveler. Students are asked to describe their families’ traditions. The media presentation contains the lyrics, maps of America, aspects of Appalachia and Native American traditions as well as the famous painting of The Arkansas Traveler by Edward Payson.

Student Journal             Lesson Planning Guide        PowerPoint Presentation for the Classroom

Story Time.   This program introduces sections of a story ~~ setting, characters and plot ~~ featuring the music of Handel, Vivaldi, Kreisler, Strauss, Dvorak and Brahms. During the session, students select plot segments to create the story and ASO musicians play music segments that describe the selected story segments. Then they are challenged to write their own story to the music of Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5 when they return to the classroom. The Student Journal contains paintings depicting a setting, a process to create their own story and information about the Hungarian culture. The media presentation focuses on the structure of a story ~~ setting, characters, plot ~~ and brief information about Brahms and the Hungarian culture.

Student Journal              Lesson Planning Guide       PowerPoint Presentation for the Classroom

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