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How Music Works

  • Thursday, March 23, 2017
  • 3:00 PM
  • Christ of the Hills Methodist Church, Hot Springs Village
  • 56


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Don't You Deserve to Know HOW MUSIC WORKS?

The Symphony Guild is proud to present this free program for members only.  We have arranged this special event as a thank you for your membership. 

This event's topic is simply "How Music Works."  Dr. Sim Flora, jazz trombonist and clinician, will discuss this at this exclusive 90 minute lecture for Guild members only.

Like all of mankind's artistic endeavors, music features logical humanistic elements such as form, shape, color, and order. Yes, music does work in a predictable manner!  Most people, even some musicians, fail to understand what unifies a piece, what drives it and shapes it.  This understanding can help musicians to perform better and listeners to appreciate what they hear.  Even the age-old question about why a tune sticks in our heads (unofficial term - ear worm!) can be answered with this information.

Because music is artistically played out in real time and because sound is heard and not seen or written, most amateur listeners consider a successful composition to be one half talent and the other half "magic".  Delving into this topic, we'll discover that music in general has many "normal" elements in common with not only the other arts, but with everyday life.

The only requirements in addition to Guild membership are curiosity and a willingness to ask questions.  You are NOT required to read music, have ever played music, or even know anything ABOUT music.

Most examples will be taken from the Great American Songbook.  Dr. Flora promises that the discussion will NOT be "over anyone's head!"

Bring your curiosity and let's find out just HOW and WHY this beautiful gift works to give us so much pleasure.

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